Monday, July 23, 2007

The BIG 3-7 !!!

That's right people , It's my birthday and Im working ....Imagine that shit ?

Well I started my birthday weekend out right with a luau party we throw every year and got totally wasted . I played about 30 games of Beer Pong and went home and did something I havent done in a long time ...I puked my frigin brains out . I forgot how much fun it was to puke and go directly to sleep without brushing your teeth then having your breath hit the pillow in the morning and you get a good whiff of it .....priceless !

Yesterday was a lazy day in the pool & a little Texas Roadhouse to round out the night .

Ok , Im off to sleep so I can go to work ...on my birthday !

I never realized that the Milwakee Brewers & The Chicago Cubs fans really hate each other , But thank god Youtube is there to let me know these things :

Cubs / Brewers fan fight 1
Cubs / Brewers fan fight 2
Cubs / Brewers fan fight 3

Jamie Kennedy makes a complete fool of himself at E3 by doing some stand-up while completely wasted...He is also hosting this event .

Vejiita's Spanish Cinema Nudity site is updated with Volume 7 (NSFW)

Hello Kitty Robot ( Pre Order): Now only $6,300

Banned YouTube video of Danish students stripping for their teachers to get better seats in the cafeteria

TIME picks the 5 Worst Websites

"American Media has decided to suspend publication of Weekly World News, both the print publication and the web site."

MappyHour - Happy Hour Map!- "Click on a happy city, or anywhere on the map. We'll zoom in and display nearby bars and their happy hour specials."
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