Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hoot's Thursday Things

Rescuers work in river 12 hours to get 500-pound man to shore after his inner tube gets torn open. I would think at 500-pounds you don't want to be tubing!!!

Sign me up for a membership here. Lap dancing on golf course angers neighbors! (with graphic video) Sweet!!!

I know Richie posted something about Michael Vick yesterday but this site has a funny pic to go with the story. With Leather presents Michael Vick in Jailhouse Jock!

What can you make out of one sheet of paper? Amazing Paper Art

Yo bitch don't be spendin all my money or I will throw this hot slice of pizza at you!

Yee haw!!! Redneck Rocket Launcher

An update to that asshole judge who was suing the dry cleaners for $54 million over his lost pants. Turns out he lost the lawsuit but is now asking the judge to reconsider. What a fuckwad. Get over it, you lost what should have never ever even been a case. Yea a sane judgement in an utterly frivolous lawsuit. Maybe there is some hope in this world after all.

I think it is time for some girls getting a tennis ball booty beating!

A Tour de France rider crashes into a dog crossing the race course.

And the You Tube video of it.
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