Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I got nothing to say that's nice ..

Ending black on Black crime ...NAHHH

Cutting down the 85 % population of blacks in prisons ....Nope

Strengthening their neighborhoods by creating a good enviorment to live in ....Nada

The NAACP Spent it's monday plastered all over CNN because they were ....are you ready ? ......Having a Funeral for the "N" word , As they call it . It's good to see the hypocrites have finally tackeled what's important to the black community ..Words . Words mean so much that they spent their time and efforts to publicly display themselves as asses to prove they dont like something that is so insignificant to the general public as whole in this day and age that we live in . There is a senseless war going on , there are homeless people dying on the streets everyday , This country's moral is in the shitter and these self rightous dicks pull this off .

Can you tell I HATE this organization ? ( not because it's a black one , but because of the way they do things )

Ok , here we go ....

Check out : Tunnel House . Doesnt this remind you of the movie Poltergeist ?

Ron Jeremy is brilliant in his mock of all viral videos on the internet today . This is some funny shit .

Jerry Springer Uncut/Fights- 47 mins of non stop classic Jerry .

The odds of this guy being alive are hovering right around 0%

Binge Drinking, Promiscuous Sex Good For You, Says New Orleans Journal Of Medicine

URL says it all: ComedySearchEngine.com

Yesterday was Jessica , Today is the Top 10 Video Tribute To Lindsay Lohan
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