Friday, July 20, 2007

I want to be famous

I think everyone deep down wants to be famous or know for something . I envy the movie & sports stars with all the attention they get everywhere they go and I usually wish that was me . I want to be famous because I want to walk the red carpet, I want the paparazzi, and I want my family name to mean something, I want to hang out with the stars, have the million dollar life, and believe it or not I want to see my name in the headlines, good or bad.

I have been approached out about 2 different times because some people recognize my picture from here and It makes me feel pretty special when they come up and talk to me about how much they like the site , Sure Im no celebrity but it's a start .

some people try to put down the whole celebrity thing because they say They can talk about you in tabloids. And you can’t just go and say “Hey! Stop that!” they’ll hold your very life at ransom. They’ll pretend to be you. The media will have utter control over you. Then you have all of these people treating you like your made of glass. Your fans wouldn’t treat you as if you were a normal person, it’s like stepping on egg shells for them. It really gets exhausting. Trying to prove yourself and being famous are two totally different things. Once you’re famous, you can’t be unfamous. You are stuck that way. You are trapped in public eye. You can’t hide. It might sound good for people to like you, but it’s not...Blah,Blah,Blah .

Gimmie the celebrity life anyday ....Yes Im an Attention whore , So What ?

This got me thinking , If you were going to be one celebrity and be them for the rest of your life ....who would it be and why ? I await your answers in the forums .

Here we go .....

A model trips twice while walking down a runway. The second time she falls looks pretty funny but the best part of the clip is listening to the news anchor laughing uncontrollably at the model.

Mary Gamarra - The Hottest Weather Girl on TV!

For everybody who thinks Duke sucks, but was unsure as to exactly why Duke sucks -- this rap video is for you.

Take The Celebrity Cellulite Quiz

Here they are for you to try and learn for that big karaoke night , The 20 Worst Pop Song Lyrics Ever

Cameron Diaz bikini candids - This site has it in for Cam, but I think she looks just fine.

We interupt this fun for another "Moronic Black Leader moment"

"The Reverend Al Sharpton taking an issue with the Web site for its use of the phrase 'roboho' to describe an outfit worn by Beyonce Knowles to the BET Awards"

Sharpton probably should stick to his sniper attacks and not agree to debate-type formats, because these other guys just ate him alive and spit him out:

(1) He doesn't seem to understand the difference between attacking a woman and criticizing her wardrobe
(2) He completely dodges the question when he's asked if he called David Dinkins a whore. (
3) He lies about introducing race into the discussion, then gets caught because he put it in writing!
(4) He seems completely flustered by the fact that also used the term "ho" to describe men (Kid Rock) and rich white women (Posh).
(5) By the end of the discussion Sharpton has been guilty of so many lies and evasions that even the meek and mild-mannered liberal Alan Colmes joins in the attack.

LEVIN: But the problem, reverend, you absolutely have a right to disagree, but you played the race card on us and that's where I have the problem.

SHARPTON: How did I play the race card?

LEVIN: The problem is in your letter you said this was an attack on African-American women, and it is not and you know it is not.

SHARPTON: I think a lot of African-American women ...

COLMES: But reverend, he called Kid Rock a ho.

Oh yeah, and by the way, the website called Kid Rock a ho and did NOT call Beyonce one! As far as I can see, they have only applied the term directly to people who are not black women!

Ok , back to the fun ....

Man calls 911 to save him from police

Bush Proposes Sending Transformers to Iraq ...ohh yes he did .

Hell on Earth: The never before seen colour photographs of the bloody battle of Passchendaele

The World's Ten Worst Flags - I think #10 should be #1. That thing is awesome!

You know you're really rich when ... you're going to replace your yacht with a luxury submarine.

Britney at the beach - no suit? no problem!
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