Friday, July 13, 2007

Im Speechless ( If you can imagine that ?)

Ok Im just going to read you the front page of the New Haven Register today ( this is a local Ct paper) to prove to you hoe utterly retarded Connecticut is .

Here's the front page :

"DRUG DEALER REINSTATED AS TEACHER - man can only work in Bridgeprt, must get drug tests "

Thats right people , we now are allowing drug dealers to teach our children . And this wasnt like this guy could say it was a setup or a mistake because he got caught selling Cocaine to undercover cops in 2003 but Im going to tell you all why he was reinstated as a teacher ...his name . His name got him reinstated and nothing more and thats sad . Orlando Hernandez can sell drugs and still be allowed to teach children but John Smith would be sent to the chair for it .

And it also goes on to say that he can only teach at The Bridge Academy in Bridgeport till 2010 ?? First off what kinds of Savage Animals do they allow into this school that they would allow a drug dealer to teach only there ?

And Secondly how pissed would you be if your kid went there and this was going on ? I can guarentee you that my child wouldnt be enrolling at Bridge Academy in the fall if this was the case.

CT needs to stop all the politically correct shit and do what's right . Fuck Orlando Hernandez and his bundles of coke strapped to his rectum !!!

Here we go .....

Report: Cardboard is the main ingredient in Beijing street food

Akon Is Gonna Get Sued - A couple weeks ago Akon pretty much sexually assaulted a 15 year old girl on stage now he body slams some kid in the crowd for throwing something at him.

A 75 year old woman from Karlstad in central Sweden has been thrust into the IT history books - with the world's fastest internet connection.

Platform Racing - it's got an online multiplayer twist that's likely to gobble up a few hours.

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HBO Voyeur - An interesting project from HBO Online to show several different stories simultaneously

3D imaging software that can create a model of a face from a single image.

Fast Cast is gonna love this one ....10 Hottest Foreign Female Tennis Players

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I'm a long time veteran of marching bands at several levels, so it hurts me to say that I could envision this sort of thing replacing them at some point in the future, crappy music and all.

Linda Vista Hospital was used as an actual hospital up until the mid-eighties, I believe, based on evidence we found on site, though I don't know exactly when it closed. Since then, it's been used as a site for several movies and TV productions, including Pearl Harbor and possibly Scrubs.
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