Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just another day

Ohhh NAACP , why do you torment me so ?

I know I have been like a broken record the past couple weeks about the moronic NAACP but they just make it so easy to rant that it's impossible to talk about anything else .

In this latest round of contradiction by this group of racists , They came out in support of letting Micheal Vick play football until he is found guilty . Now this is something I actually agree with them on , The guy should be able to play and earn a living until he has his day in court . Because we all know even if he is found guilty all famous people will get is a fine for something like this .

But the NAACP cam out in support of this because everyone should be Innocent until proven guilty ...easy enough right ? But wait , isn't the NAACP the same "organization" ( and I use that term loosely ) that came out publicly against the Duke Lacrosse players and wanted them in jail before the trial even started ?

I guess the color of your skin overshadows your beliefs when it comes to the NAACP ?

OK , let's do this .....

Here are some awesome photos of Greenwich Village in NYC old & new . You DC'ers in NY will appreciate this one .( thanks pat zimmerman)

Think about my rant then read about The Murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom and tell me where are all these organizations now ? ( thanks Tony Piccirillo )

Check out these shoplifting seagulls . ( thanks Tony Garcia)

A giant collection of babies, and exactly what they think of lemons.

Be careful with those flip flops, they may burn your feet off. (w/audio, gross pics)

FBI and Internal Revenue Service agents searched the Alaska home of veteran Sen. Ted "Series of tubes" Stevens Monday.

If you love really jumbo asses, Britney Spears in a thong could be your dream date.

At least half a dozen highly anticipated broadcast network fall pilots have been leaked online

Millions of people are flooding websites to check a bizarre new theory about Leonardo da Vinci's painting The Last Supper

Scarlett Johansson Picked To Play Jenna Jameson..I dont think anyone can fill Jenna's shoes .

The Clinton Cleavage, They're Real ... and They're Spectacular!
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