Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday is Fine

As you all know , I love to come on here and rant about things from time to time but this weekend was great and I have nothing left in the tank to be mad about .

Saturday, Me & The wife and 2 other couples went out to Cancun Charlie's in Milford and sat on the deck . Of course I was outside in my cruise wear on the deck so I wasnt going to drink beer and instead I went down the list of fruity drinks one by one and mixed everything under the sun from Scorpion bowls ( which I shared with a guy ...No Im not gay - He is ) to A Frozen Creamsicle which was good .Yes I did get made fun of by our table & the waiter but sometimes you just dont want beer .

Sunday was Jetskiing all day , It was a little choppy but very good for jumping waves ( thanks Stan for helping me get on & off the ramp quickly ).

So all in all there really isnt nothing to bitch about that it .

Here we go ....

The 25th Annual Mermaid Parade. This is Coney Island's annual flippers and breasts procession,sort of like Brooklyn's version of Mardi Gras. Beautiful photographs of many of the hilarious mermaids, along with a slideshow/gallery and video. Take a look, you'll enjoy this. It's a classic!( Thanks Patrick Zimmerman )

Some people dont deserve the priveledge of owning a jetski , like this asshole .

Classic Cops Episode - With huge glasses like that you'd think he would be able to tell the difference between a house that nothing looks wrong with, and the blazing house right next door

Webster actually added the word 'ginormous' to the dictionary recently, and I'm pretty damn sure it's because there is no other word that comes close to describing Carmen's tits

Sequoyah - America's lost 51st state.Interesting story, and one which I'd not heard before

The Phillies become the first professional sports franchise to lose their 10,000th game is proud to be the first manufacturer and distributor of high quality Clothing, Footware and Fashion Accessories for Goats.

Top 10 Most "Ho-Friendly" DC Hotels, Based On The DC Madam's Phone Records

Homey The Clown: Homey and Son

The Simpsons movie site is pretty blah until you get to the part where you can create a Simpsons avatar of yourself!
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