Monday, July 2, 2007

O & A ...All the Way !

Me & The Wife drove up to Mohegan Sun Saturday to see the O & A Traveling Virus comedy tour and it didnt dissapoint . There were 9 comics who have been regulars on the show and each of them killed !

The show before the show was great too , they had strippers all over the arena in different spots dancing for the audience ...kinda like one of the video's I took below ( this was about 45 mins before showtime ..

This is one of the comedians Bob Kelly just to give you a little taste of the night ....

Here was the lineup of O & A regulars :

Bob Saget - Yes ,that Bob Saget and He was pretty raunchy
Bob Kelly - From Dane Cook's Tourgasm fame
Jim Norton - The Legend from the O & A show
Patrice O Neil - Host of Webjunk 20
Frank Caliendo - Does Madden Impressions on Fox pregame
Rich Vos - from Last Comic Standing
Louis C K - from HBO's Lucky Louie
Otto & George- Probably the funniest puppet act ever
Steven Lynch - Plays the guitar and improvs his whole act

It was a great time and I hope they come back next year !!!

Ok , Here We do ....

If you get knocked out by someone who is simultaneously smoking a cigarette, you just suck

Here's an oldie but a goodie ....Strange Brew - the entire movie

Mika Brzezinski, anchor on MSNBC's Morning Joe, tries to burn -- with a lighter -- the lead story about Paris Hilton's release from jail.After co-anchors take the ligher, she tears it up.The producer gives her another copy of the story and she shreds it.

PC World's "100 Blogs We Love" we didnt make it smartass .

The Japanese try to play a normal sport, and it doesn't go so well.

28 Reasons Why Apple’s iPhone Sucks

Wiki Quiz: Given a pair of subjects, can you pick which one has the longer Wikipedia entry?

Perhaps the gories movie scene of all time
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