Friday, July 27, 2007

The Quick ass weekend update!!!

Why is it quick ass might you ask?? Because as you are reading this I will be down in Baltimore for the weekend watching the Yankees/Orioles and on the way home on Sunday we will stop in Philly for Phillies/Pirates. It will be a great weekend, so lets get this going....

Here is a classic clip from Mr. Rogers, I think he put the wrong tape in by mistake!!

Here it is-Faces of death, Muppet Style!!

Here are the 87 greatest Simpsons guest star voices.

A top ten video tribute to Angelina Jolie!!NSFW

Here is the top ten Triumph the Insult comic dog moments!!

Play Simpsons wrecking ball!!!

Play Super Mario Bounce here!!

Here is a great Jack and Rod moment!!!

I need to finish up so as always here is a little pron!!NSFW

Who said big asses suck? Well here is video proof they do not!!

A little playboy nakedness with Andrea Marie!!

They call this little clip-Sophisticated MILF!!!

Have a great weekend I will catch you all on the next one!!
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