Friday, July 27, 2007

Random Ass Question Friday

Im gonna start something new this week , It's called Random Ass Question Friday . I'll ask a random question and we will see just how different we really are in life . The forums would be a great place to answer this question by the way .

Ok , here's todays question :

You make a deal with the devil where you could live a a superstar in any field you want ( Sports, Music , Acting , etc ....)and will be remembered as the best there ever was in this field but you would die 1 year after you retire from doing this and you need to retire by 50 or live the rest of your life just an average everyday joe just getting by working 2 jobs and paying your bills in a ho hum life ...which would you choose ?

Now all of you literal asses remember, It's a hypothetical question and answer it accordingly because I know I'll get a couple people trying to find loopholes .

Here we go ......

The Duke Nukem Chat Prank - This prank is a classic.

Anchorman Ron Burgandy uncut classic video of "afternoon delight"

The KSK Guide To Naming Your Fantasy Team

Welcome everyone to connecticuts newest beer pong site.

Worst Movie Remakes of All Time: Moviefone Ranks the "Top" 25

The complete story of Lohan's evening before the arrest..You have to respect drunk , cocked up douchebags ? BTW , here's the 911 call

Dramatic Chipmunk - The Best five second video on the internet.

Oops! Looks like Claire Danes might want to wear a bra next time.

Pictures of 100 women teachers that slept with their students.

Stevie Wonder GOING OFF with the talk box .

Woman Banned For Life From Wal-Mart- As if that weren't silly enough, she's only banned from that one Wal-Mart. She's free to go scam another outlet, provided she can stay out of the Big House.

171 Starbucks... that's how many are in Manhattan. This guy visited them all in a single day, and made a video about it. The whole thing is on the whiney side.

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