Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Sad day for Catholics

Im might offend a whole bunch of people today and this is one of those subjects that either I get a whole lot of people behind me or a whole bunch of people TOTALLY against me but fuck em , It needs to be said !

Im a Catholic and today I am ashamed of my religion due to the most recent payoff by the Catholic Church to men who were former alter boys and molested by priests of the catholic church . Yes I said most recent because this isnt the first time the church has paid people off for the same exact thing , they paid 120 million to 6 men back in 1992 . The most ridiculous part of the payoff ( as I like to call it ) is that the settlement is for $660 million, but different people will get different amounts depending on how badly they were abused and how long the abuse lasted. I say molested is molested and everyone should be paid the same ...how can you judge something like that ? There's no doubt $660 million buys a lot of dry-cleaning. But no sum, however big it is , can clean the stain of clerical priestly abuse from the Catholic Church.

Catholics are trained to look on their priests with awe--Catholic priests are called "another Christ" (which is the definition of antichrist) . This is called brainwashing. Little children and unstable adults are easy victims. Pervert Catholic priests all over the world have been having a field day with people's lives. They got away with it for centuries, but with the media, people are speaking out now.

"The Catholic religion is famous for the sexual abuse perpetrated by its ungodly priests. Romanists can hardly even get liability insurance the abuse is so prevalent. Why are so many perverts in the "priesthood"? I have a few thoughts:

1. The unbiblical requirement for a celibate priesthood.
2. The Catholic religion is not Christian so their priests are not saved and still in their sins.
3. A lot of Catholic priests don't even believe in God. The Catholic priesthood is a job. They get adoration from men, a place to sleep, something to eat. A former Catholic related to me that when he was in counseling with his priest the priest told him not to mention God--the priest said his therapist had said that he had to deal with his own problems!"

In the US, where the church has now paid more than $2.1 billion in compensation, several dioceses have gone bankrupt. The loss of trust, while less easily measured, is a deeper wound. Had the church faced up to its responsibilities in a way more consistent with its founder's teachings, the consequences for both the victims and the institution would have been greatly reduced...so true .

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