Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Terrible , Just Terrible

What are we living in 1927 Berlin now ....Is that what this society has become ??

Home Invasions are the latest craze with "criminals" where they break into your house , while your home, keep you hostage until they are done and either kill you , rape you or just leave you tied up for 3 days until someone finds you , Pretty Good Huh ?

We just had one of these yesterday here in a nice upscale neighborhood here in CT where 2 men broke into a house at 3am yesterday and kept a family ( Man , woman , 2 girls 17 & 11) hostage . they even had the wife drive them to a bank and take out money for them then they killed all the women and tried to set the house on fire but the wife was able to get the message to the teller that she was a hostage and the cops got there just as the men were trying to leave and they got caught .But for some odd reason they didnt put their pictures in the papers which immeadiatly sends up a red flag in my book ...And if these men are what I think they are , I am going to climb to the highest mountain I could find and scream out the 2 words people like me would love to scream ...."RACE CRIME "

It's a sad situation and I could be way off but we will see as the details come out ?

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