Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Weekend Update....

Finally, the weekend is here again!! Am I the only one who was feeling a little lazy this past week??? After a buisy holiday week leading into a great party weekend, I was dragging a little this past week. It was like last week was in slow motion?? Everyone I talked to wasn't into work, not that anyone really is into work, but people were just a little less into it than normal?? Oh well, it over so lets have a little fun.....

It is finally here-The Home Alone/Saw remix!!

Top ten funniest terrorist moments!! You have to see it to believe it!!

Here is the crazy eight!!! The top eight craziest girfriends in movie history!!(With video evidence of course)

For the Deadheads out there, how about The Dead performing St. Stephen on Hugh Hefners show-"Playboy after dark" in 1969!!!

If anyone was wondering, here is how BaBa Booey was born!!!

Play Nuclear eagle!!! You have to pick up the humans and feed them to your chicks!!! Complete with blood and screams!!

Play Bloxors, a very addicting cool puzzle game!!

For Jambo-A happy Pitbull story!!

Talk about raining on your parade!!

As always we will finish with a little pron!!

This is a must see!!! Show them to me!! A video montage of the top celbrity breasts ever shown in movies!!!

This one is for all the Ass men out there, I think this will tie into our discussion in the forums!!

Well I am off to wait some tables, have a great weekend we will see you all next week!!

Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!