Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Weekend Update

Well yesterday was quite a big day for me, my son turned 16!! It is amazing how quickly time flies, everyone always says enjoy them while they are little because it goes quick, well they are right. It seems like yesterday I was in the hospital with his mom watching him being born. My how the time flies!! Let's have a little fun....

For all you Queens of the stone age fans here is a killer acoustic version of the song "No one Knows" and they have recently released their latest album-Era Vulgaris here is one of the songs off that one for a bonus video "Sick,Sick,Sick"

It has been a while but here it is again-TWIT (this week in TV) here is Matt Groening Simpsons creator on The Daily Show!!

Tada-The Aristocrats!!! NSFW

Meet Ivan the urban action figure and watch him take a major digger on the show America's got talent!!!

Ain't it great when the bull wins??

The hip hop classic- Read a book nigga!!!

If you missed it this week a massive steampipe exploded in NYC and left one dead and many injured!!

Check out this crazy knockout kick!!

Take the X-Men quiz and find out which character you would be!!

Play Perry the perv 2!!!!

What are they trying to sell in this commercial???

Proof that the French are dumb!!

Here is a question for the ages-Who has the hottest celebrity fans, The Yankees or the Red Sox??

Here is the top 25 action films of all time!!

Let us finish with some pron!!!

Sorry, link dies!! I give you big natural boobs instead!!

Here is a twist on a porn classic-Female Bukake!!!

Well I hope you all enjoyed that, I will see you next weekend!!
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