Monday, July 9, 2007

Yankee Fans are Crazy !

How can any of them say they dont like ARod ? Haw can any of them boo if he happens to go 0-3 in a game one night ?

This guy is the reason the Yanks are still gasping for air right now and these dumb Yankee fans are too blinded by his wife's shirt or his inability to keep his dick in his pants with Playboy models around .....who gives a shit ? As long as he's hitting the ball the way he has been and fielding the ball well he could fuck a nun on the church steps during rush hour and I could gives two shits less .

Players, in their wildest fantasies, wouldn't dream about getting in the kind of groove that Alex Rodriguez is in right now. It's nearly untouchable. The best players in the world would be happy with half of what A-Rod's doing this Year.

This guy is the best player in baseball , Hands Down .

Ok , This is gonna happen ....

Finally some justice for the good guys .

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