Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You can win them all

Fucking CRACKERS ....makin me look bad !!

I have been known from time to time to jump to conclusions to help the "shock factor" of my rants and have had a pretty good track record so far ...until yesterday . I know what I said and I admit I was wrong , And you people let me know about it via email . We score one for the good guys because I went out on alimb and was wrong but at least I put that little disclaimer on the bottom covering myself . If I was a betting man I would have went all in on this bet and I would have lost .

We cant all be so perfect as all of you who emailed me yesterday ...LOL .

Ok , enough groveling . Let's have some fun .......

Play Pinch Hitter 2 - It's kinda like the first one but now there are certain levels and things you need to achieve to move up and you pick your own team colors & team .

Here's an oldie but goodie - Chyna from the WWF doing what she was meant to do and doing it quite well .(NSFW)

Weather Man Swears - I guess this guy thought he wasnt on the air anymore. Woops tomorrows forecast firing with a strong chance of unemployment.The look on his face afterwards is CLASSIC !

The Chronicle of Higher Education: The Language of Farting

The greatest Japanese game show contestant of all time wasn't even Japanese... he was Chris Farley

"Blu's Wall Animation" uses an unusual style of animation where each frame is drawn on a wall, and then erased, and works its way around all walls in the room.

Raw Video: Plane Landing On Wisconsin Highway

80's Montage Tribute: See how many super-cheesy, horrendous '80s clich├ęs you can find in this four-minute homage to the decade of the montage.

The Big Unit's career could be over
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