Monday, August 20, 2007

Bling balls !

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Ok , Have any of you heard of BLING H20 ??

Maybe I live on another planet but Bling H20 is going for $55 a bottle , That's right $55 fucking dollars a bottle !!! Open any paper or watch and TV and the media is pushing this stuff like it's going out of style . Jamie Foxx drinks it , Ben Stiller drinks and I'll bet you half the morons who are buying this stuff dont even know who either of these guys are And these are the "A" list celebrities you get to represent $55 dollar water , What was Carrot Top too booked up ? Well it looks like one celebrity is making a stand because Paris hilton doesnt drink it , but she buys it for her dog . I dont even want to breathe the same air as Paris Hilton but now Im going to drink the same water as her dog and pay $55 for it ?

I would love to find the guy who invented $55 bottles of water because I would buy a pool worth of it then drown him in it . Maybe this will be the straw the breaks the camels back and people will wake up and say " I cant be this desprate for attention that I will pay $55 for a bottle of water . My life cant be this bad that im shelling out $55 dollars for water" ...Especially when Fucking WATER IS FREE !!!

Hollywood is a machine !

Ok , here we go ....( This column is for Billy D's eye)

Bill , I thought you could use this today .

White Whine: A website dedicated to things only white people bitch about.

The Automatic Spaghetti-Twirling Fork: Inexplicably, as a society we failed by (1) coming up with this, and (2) not coming up with it sooner.

Kimberly Stewart in a bikini at Malibu - one with a very small bottom

Al Gore & Tipper sing about global warming ....Grease Style

Video evidence that "Man vs. Wild" star Bear Grylls is pretty much full of shit.

Two female corrections officers charged with having sex with a male inmate but Judging from the pictures, I don't think there's much late night cable potential.

Steve McQueen's 1963 Ferrari is sold for $2.31 million

One of the last remaining federal medical marijuana patients testifies regarding the effects of smoking 11+ ounces of pot every month for 25 years.

Online FLV Converter : Download online videos direct to .avi
Very handy utility. When you submit an url, it will download and convert to an .avi encoded with the DivX codec. You can then download the converted file to your computer. It converts incredibly fast for a free online utility, and their server downloads at a reasonable speed.

Marta Gut has the least sexy name in the history of sexy chicks (NSFW)

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