Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Gotta love the summer

I love the summer .

I was doing a job yesterday at the New Haven Lawn Club ( for those of you who dont know , It's a hoity toity tennis club in the heart of new haven )and as im walking around with the guy about the fencing there in front of me stands probably the hottest site outside of string bikinis ....Girls in tennis outfits .

I must have walked into 5 or 6 bushes because I was too busy paying attention to the court than my job . The outfits some of these girls wear are kinda like a peep show without the booth and I couldn't have been happier . See what I mean :

OK , tongues back in mouth it is time to do this .......

Toot Toot , The nut train is coming through .....Britney accused of threatening to kill paparazzi

Lost America: Abandoned Properties, Ghost Towns, Decommissioned Military, Aircraft Graveyards, etc - Absolutely beautiful photographs, but the world's slowest web site

A gigantic compilation of Bart Simpson's prank calls to Moe's Tavern. No one threatens vicious child abuse quite like Moe.

Watch Weeds or Californication - The secret codeword is "MONDAYS"

Various boobies smothered in milk (NSFW)

Cindy Crawford topless in St. Tropez

In a matter of seconds, this biker goes from really unlucky (bug hits him in the eye and causes him to wreck) to really lucky (well, just watch).

** Amendment to yesterdays post ** - Scarlett Johansson Won't Play Jenna Jameson

The perfect trick play, executed by a group of well-coached young gentlemen. There's nothing a grown man should be prouder of than orchestrating a devious plan to outsmart a bunch of 10-year-olds.

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