Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hoot's Birthday Things 8-23-2007

Yes a selfish or is it selfless(lol) plug for my own b-day as the title suggests. Thanks in advance to any wishes. And for those of you who don't give me a wish well then go pound sand. (Just kidding!!!) Anywho no need for presents, if you see me out a Benjamiin Franklin will do just fine or even a Kettle One & club soda with a lemon works.

Seeing it was 36 years ago today that I was brought into this world I decided to look up some stuff from 1971.

The Greatest Films of 1971

Brainy History brings you 1971 in history

On this Day August 23rd

Moving to present day stuff.

Speaking of births. I can't believe this guy. Father, 90, shows off new baby - and wants more. What? Holy crap, god bless him. Still going crazy after all those years.

Ten real life transformers

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Six Superfoods That Prevent Disease

This is pretty cool. A little MacGuyver action. Turn a pencil into an emergency light source.

Fun with homemade shit. Tennis Ball Mortar

Huge girl gang fight in da hood! (NSFW due to ads)

Are you a victim of a consumer rip-off? Try Ripoff Report

Yee haw the redneck fishing tournament. No poles allowed in the flying fish freak out!

That is all. I am off to enjoy some b-day drinks later today.

Peace. Hoot23
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