Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hoot's Thursday Things

Hey now!

Students Drink Toilet Water For Over 10 Years. See I knew gym teachers always had it out for the students.

The people search engine. Spock

Biker fails to notice missing leg! ..... Ummm how do you not notice your leg is missing???

This is pretty cool. Send your announcements and invitations over the phone for free with Phonevite.

Do you have too much stuff? I do. And so do most Americans.

The color guide to staying healthy and eating right.

Wow this is crazy. Woman has pencil removed from her head after 55 years. WTF? Half a century she lived with that. That's wild.

If anyone out there likes the band Silverchair and you have not picked up their new disc Young Modern go and get it. It is really good.

The song Low from Young Modern.

Also from Young Modern. The song If You Keep Losing Sleep

Another from the new cd. The song Young Modern Station

Watch out. Just when you thought that rattlesnake was dead he may come back to bite ya.

How to pull your vehicle uphill with your brute strength (and a pulley).

A good-ol-fashioned mid-western red neck fight. Yee haw!!! Neighbors say they are fed up with a man who has been living in a parked car in his back yard for at least seven years, and who they say is disturbing the peace with loud music and obscenity-laced tirades.

Angry school girls fight.

The scientific word for the commonly named "Dead Zone" is hypoxia, or low oxygen. The second largest human-caused zone of hypoxia in the world's coastal waters is found in the Gulf of Mexico adjacent to the Mississippi River system.

For the writers out there learn to design with CRAP - Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity.

Wow!!! (NSFW)

Mmmmmm! (NSFW)

That's it. See ya.

Peace. Hoot23
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