Friday, August 31, 2007

Mary Poppins - Post Game

We went to see Mary Poppins on Broadway Wednesday afternoon and the show wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be , It was actually put together very very well . Granted the place was completely packed with 8000 soccer moms and their bratty over priveleged kids who cant sit still or shut up for 5 fucking minutes but the kids ( mine ) really enjoyed it .

We got into NYC about 12:30 with a 2 o clock showtime so we decided to eat lunch at the legendary Brooklyn Diner . It was a little pricey but I had probably the best burger I have had outside of Louis's Lunch , So we ate and went to the show . Afterwards we tried to walk around a bit but NY is soooo god damned congested with people it proved to be a chore rather than a good time . There must have been every foriegn person in the free world in a 2 block area around me at all times .

We did the whole Toy's R Us in Times Square which was pretty cool I must say . We spent a while in there and I have to tell you that store really does make you feel like a kid again because I so wanted to buy myself a toy just for shits & giggles .

It was a very nice day spent with the family .

I'll bet you were expecting some big bullshit rant , huh ??

Here we go ......

Micheal Vick is starting to Liquidate , How bout helping him out and buying his fishing boat ?

Or you can always buy his new line of chew toys .

I think this weatherman started his weekend a little early .

Hip Hop Violin - Two guys make a sweet hip hop song using a violin and two turntables

This years Spelling Bee Champ is an Ass .

Face of the Future - transform your face and Change yourself into a different race, a Modigliani painting, a Manga image, etc .

Two girls go at it after school, What is better than a high school cat fight ?

Gwen Stefani looking hot in a bikini .

12 Great Moments in Talk-Show Fights and Brawls

American Beth Mattek, 22, who has become famous for her on-court costumes, shocked the crowd in her Wonder Woman style gold outfit with matching headband and a push-up bra ." With a picture gallery of Mattek and other court queens
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