Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Moral Dilemma

We have a little bit of a morals issue going on at my night job and I would like to hear from you guys on your take on it .

We drive overnight and play by a different set of rules that dont apply during the day . We are able to run red lights, drive on curbs and on the wrong side of the road to get our job done and we also see alot of strange and wierd things out there .

One of our route jumpers ,which are drivers who dont have a set route but fill in for people either on vacation or out sick and do their route ,was in west haven the other night and witnessed a couple of guys vadalizing a building with spray paint while one guy was crawling out of one of the windows . He went out of his way to find a cop and alert him of the situation . The cops caught the guys and the story was in the paper the next day with the credit going to an undisclosed Register driver caught these guys . So the guy who's route he was covering for comes back and gets pissed because now he has to go out there every night wondering whether these guys or friends of his are going to try and get some payback on him even though he wasnt actually the one who said anything .And to top it off , the cops and going to subpenia him to come to court to IOD these guys .

Some of the drivers are pissed that he said anything because he is fucking the real driver and should have kept his mouth shut . Other drivers , Like Me , Think he did the right thing and shouldnt feel bad for what he did and tell the real driver to screw .

Whatcha Think ??

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