Friday, August 10, 2007

The Robe

My wife told me her robe was getting wore out and she had to go out and buy a new one yesterday and that got me thinking about it ...The Robe .

Who really even has time to wear a robe anymore , Im out of the shower and dressed within 45 seconds so to take time to put a robe on is silly . The only time you should ever wear a robe is if your shooting a porno movie then it's acceptable because that's what they do . Think about this , your driving down the street and see a guy out in front of his house getting his paper and the first thought that goes through your head is " Did that guy just escape from the mental institution? "

Another acceptable robe wearing time is when your staying in a fancy hotel that gives you free robes in the room then your good . Unless you order room service and have to answer the door as "the pervert in the robe" guy that the waiter will go back and tell all the other waiters about .

The only robe I would wear on a daily basis would be this one :

Have a wonderful day ......

Nothing is quite as funny as a grown man beating the shit out of 2 year olds . Trust me , It really is funny .

Ohh Yah ,He's bringing Sexy Back !

Some guy flips a girl around and she slams hard into his nuts! She just took out a couple future generations of idiots.


I would have never thought this would be a good idea , But Kevin Federline files for primary physical custody of the kids .

A tight-knit rural Midwestern farming community commemorated the demonization of homosexuality Sunday with its annual Gay Shame Parade, a three-decade-old tradition that has become a cornerstone of the town's cultural identity.

Can You Survive in Space Without a Spacesuit? The sci-fi movie Sunshine gets it almost right.

Wanna be a stalker but cant get started , Well here are Celebrity Addresses Index A-Z

The Straight Scoop: 10 Stars You Won't Believe Aren't Gay

( NSFW ) Easily the nastiest video I've ever seen of a mother using a public sidewalk as a toilet while her daughter does a terrible lookout job.

A letter from the guy who is only good at Madden when he plays with Michael Vick, begging EA Sports to keep Vick in Madden 08.

I love this lady's argument for putting her dog's name ("Shit Head") on a tombstone in a public cemetery

Spectacular Video from Croatian Meteorite in July 2007
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