Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Some Fodder for you guys

Ok , Im setting myself up for a day of ridicule but screw it . Today I am taking my kids to see ....god I have a hard time getting it out ........Mary Poppins on Broadway . Ok when your done laughing it's for my daughter cause she really wanted to see it and my wife thought it would be fun even though I despise NYC.

I dont know how anyone can say they like going to the city for the day ? It's as bad as going to Block Island for a week ....BORING . All the people for the most part are assholes and too busy to give you the time of day . It's a dirty distgusting mess everywhere you look and pn any given day you can probably catch 3 or 4 bum taking a shit in the middle of a sidewalk somewhere . The shopping is all overpriced shit you can get right here in your own town but your paying NY prices for it . Times like this are the only times I dont mind it because there is something to do and we are not just moping around the city aimlessly .

I'll give a full report tommorow .

Here we go ( ohh and screw all you who complained about no monday column) ......

If you're gonna kill a cop, the last place you wanna be is at the hands of a group of his friends. Completely and utterly owned.

Can a powerful blender blend iPhones? Golf balls? CDs? If it will fit, they'll give it a shot.

Carmen and her Tits are Ready for Football Season ( NSFW )

The Definitive List of Professional Athletes With Illegitimate Children. (Notable appearances: Tom Brady, Evander Holyfield, and almost every single decent NBA player from the 90's.)

Amy Winehouse in Bikini on Holiday in the Caribbean ( get those barfbag's ready )

Just watched it last night , what a great movie !

Ladies and gentlemen, the Japanese National Blowgun Champion.

Russian tycoons are the target readers for a diamond-encrusted book with an estimated cover price of $6 million.

How far will $39k get you on a motorcycle? If you're this idiot, less than 50 yards

If the original "YMCA" just wasn't gay enough for you, might I suggest the Finnish version?
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