Monday, August 6, 2007

Some People ...Hmmmm

Ya ever notice there are some people in life you encounter on a daily basis and you say to yourself " What a complete asshole ! " , Well I think I might do that 100 times a day and I thought I would take a little time out and write down a couple . Im sure people say it about me too with all the shit I expose about myself on here and I love that ....Remember any press is good press !

I have been thinking about this for a while and thought it was about time I put it up .Here are some of these asses :

1. The Car Wash Guy - This is the guy who goes to the car wash and watches his car all the way through the fucking thing , taking small steps to keep pace with the car . Once it gets into the mexicans hands so they can hand towel it dry this ass stands out there and points out every single droplet of water this poor guy might have missed and does this for a good 10 minutes .

2. The Fearless Biker - This is the asshole who thinks his bicycle is a fucking car and drives along in traffic . He sits next to or in front of you at lights and go through traffic like he was a car while everyone is waiting for this tool to get the hell out of the way . I feel like yelling " Hey Asshole , Move that frigin childs toy you are riding on before before I make you & your huffy and fucking speed bump "

3. The Under Armour Guy - This is the dummy that shows up at softball with everything under armour on . He has the undershirt, the gloves , the socks , the shorts, the skull cap and the cleats . 9 times out of 10 this guy will hit the ball 4 feet then leg out a single and try to get his team pumped up because he got a base hit .

4. The Street Musician - This is the asshat who stands on the corner with the dented saxaphone playing some crappy tune no one can even figure out what song it is . " Hey , Charlie hobo do us all a favor and stopping playing your shitty sax because number one you suck and no one knows what fucking song you are murdering out here and I wouldnt let me dog piss in your tip jar because you are that horrible "

I know you guys probably have hundreds more well there will be a thread in the feedback section on the forums so feel free to come in and post your favorite people to hate on a daily basis .

Here we go .....

Tom Green has on the guitarist from Jackyl and he comes out and slices up Toms desk with a chainsaw. Tom ends up trying to keep his cool at first but is seriously pissed off about the desk

Kevin Smith fights back! ..Kevin Smith is the fucking man .

This is probably the best catfight I have ever seen in my life . ( NSFW due to banners)

War is crazy - Insurgent is targetted after planting IED

Bad girl Lindsay Lohan in her pink bikini & ankle bracelet . This might be the best I have seen this mess look .

THIS IS ONE THAT IS NOT FOR THE SQEAMISH - Home Cyst Removal ....It's truly unreal .

Haruo Suekichi makes, perhaps, the coolest watches this side of recorded history

711 robbery fails when the dude can't get past the security glass.
First off, he's an idiot, and then he gets taken down by a civilian.

Gravity Pods - Don't let the first few levels fool you, it's hard as fuck .
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