Friday, August 3, 2007

Summertime is the best

Ahhh Fridays ...I have to let my hair down today and enjoy this great weather we have been having so Im kicking off work early and going jetskiing about noon . If anyone is around Indian Wells feel free to come down , say hi & go for a ride .

This is going to be me :

Ahh , gotta love the summer .

Let's do a shortie ......

How to get a free meal at McDonalds - I cant believe this worked .

New Haven based Dead By Wednesday is about to break out and get signed . This is their website .

"3% of Americans approve of how Congress is handling the war in Iraq" ..thats right 3%

Humiliating Public Resignations: A Guide - "Are you a high-level public figure who's just been fired because of gross incompetence, a homosexually charged sex scandal and/or just generally acting like an asshole? Sure you are! So when you're forced to tuck your tail between your old, bloated, white legs and announce why you've 'decided' to leave your cushy job, what's the best way to go out?"

Skeletor Spice and "the Girls" OUT and About

In search of: The World's Largest Breasts

Fake soccer injuries compilation - Wow, what a "game" they play

What would the stars look like if they had never become famous?

Here's A video of the Minneapolis bridge collapsing ..crazy stuff .

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt To Split?
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