Friday, August 24, 2007


Today Im making a final push for our Fantasy Football league we are starting , We have a solid 7 teams and need at least 5 more . We are only taking 12 so get in before it's too late .

All the details are in the forum thread about the football league .

Ok , a shortie cus' im tired.....

Awesome 4x4 Waverunner - If youre a fan of 4x4s and waverunners then your ultimate dream just came true: Presenting the brand new all in one 4x4- Waverunner. I gotta get me one of these!

We had a good discussion about children and ATV's a while back , THIS is a parent that shouldnt let his child have one .( This is so Irresponsible it isnt even funny )

There isnt aything I can think of thats better than 2 stripper fighting on a Pole .

A custom Mario level where the only way to win is to not press anything.

American Pit Bulls and the sad myths of dog fighting - It's sad that we live in a society where animals are blamed for their owner's behavior. (Disturbing Images)

This has got to be the most amazing hand of poker I will ever see dealt in my lifetime

A NYC police officer was caught on tape illegally parking in front of a fire hydrant while firetrucks nearby dealt with a possible fire

Moan My Ip can do it too .( Thanks Sirchief )

Purchasing ecstasy ingredients on eBay using your PayPal account and email address "" may make the case against you stronger

How to turn a tiny harmless flashlight into a laser pointer capable of burning the shit out of things

Amanda Bynes and Jenny Garth have a creamy, boob-smothering chocolate fight

Former Playboy "Girls of the Pac 10" cover girl Jaime Hammer (NSFW)

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