Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vick = Dog Killer

So it looks like Micheal Vick is going to plead guilty on the dog fighting charges against him and plea down . I am not going to knock the guy for what he has done because obviously we all know it was a terrible thing and it would just be beating a dead horse reiterating how bad it was and blah blah blah .

But let's just see how many of the Black organizations & leaders that came out in his defense before all this came out will step forward and stand behind him in his time of need . With out racial tension involved I think these guys below can calculate the numbers on their hands :

Here we go .....

Going through Yankee stadium as Red Sox fan isnt a very good idea and these following videos will tell you why

And Red sox fans do the same thing

Vida Guerra may not be a nobel prize winner, but she knows how to give guys what they want... a good look at her boobs poking through a white tank top!

Nine shows that dramatically changed from the first to second seasons

New Jersey Woman Finds Angels In Eggplant

Man attempts to rob a store. His weapon? His girlfriend's vibrator.

Maroon 5’s front man, Adam Levine, has been telling the whole world the reason he broke up with tennis star Maria Sharapova....can you say dead fish ?

These guys dare their friend to climb into the dryer all the way and close the door. Turning the dryer on was not part of the deal and when that happens, the prank back fires, painfully.

Perhaps the greatest pinball machine ever created gets restored to all its former glory

( NSFW ) This girl is a good egg .
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