Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Weekend Update

Well I have to say I love my Sirius sattelite radio!!!! Right now they are previewing The Grateful Dead Channel and so far it is fantastic!!! If you are a Deadhead this is really pretty awesome all Grateful Dead and all of the little side projects the members created as well as tons of dead songs covered by other artists 24/7!!

They will be playing four complete shows a day-9:00 AM/PM and 3:00 AM/PM, regular interviews of the band as well as all sorts of regular programming featuring tons of never released stuff. Here is a link to the site if anyone is interested, The preview runs 8/1-8/9.

The Dead were always that type of band either you love them or you hate them. I can see why some people could not like the dead, they play off key at times, forget the lyrics, jam for hours and attract some pretty freaky people. They really are an acquired taste, but once you acquire the taste it will never leave your mouth!! They are the type of band that will just suck you in for hours building up the energy level until they explode through the venue leaving you breathless. You usually leave humming and singing little parts of different songs that constantly float through you head until the next show which is hopefully in a day or two later somewhere down the road. I can honestly look back at my time going to Dead shows and say "What a Long Strange trip it's been" the things I did, the places I have been and the people I have seen has been tremendous.

RIP Jerry Garcia, you will always be missed!! Now let us have some fun...

Since we are in a hippie kind of mode today, next weekend is the Gathering of the Vibes, sounds like fun to me.

I would like to do this before I am 50, now this sounds like a killer time!!!

Here is an old Memoriam to Jerry Garcia.

If you missed the X Games this week, check out the digger this guy took on this huge skateboard trick!

Play Mini Golf, in your living room!! The instructions are in French but the game is simple just click and shoot!!

Here are two great games-Bloons which I posted a long time ago, and more bloons!! both are very addicting great games!!

How about some naked Katie Fey?? Yumm!!!! NSFW

The Fattest Sumo wrestler ever!!

This is awesome, check out the Weinie Bite competition!!

For Richie O & A mess with Chris Hanson from to catch a predator, it is actually pretty funny.

Now this is an amazing real Chris Hanson video, you really have to see this one!!!!

Check out the school lunch menu in Japan, Toxic Whale meat!!

WTF, guy caught masterbating at McDonalds Playland!!

Instead of a little pron why don't we finish with a couple of Dead Videos!!


Casey Jones-from SNL 1978

Incredible acoustic Birdsong-from the Radio city music hall concerts back in 1980!!

Hope you all have an excellent week!!!

Remember Jerry Garcia-8/1/1942-8/9/1995

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