Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Weekend Update

Well last night was the Gargantua Soul reunion up in Hartford at The Webster and I must say they did not disappoint, they were part of a benefit for a band by the Name of Grey Cell Green. Apparently their lead singer Curtis Cassarino recently passed away so they put together this benefit concert reuniting the Band G-Soul. If you are not familiar with the band they are from the New Haven area and at one time were on the cusp of making it pretty big. The shows were always high energy topped off by the lead singer Kris Keyes coming out through the crowd painted from head to toe and just hoppin all over the stage and climbing through the rafters to energize the crowd. Here is their official website
rumor has it they will play at Toads some time in November, I highly recommend going to see these guys.

Lets get on with it....

For all you Wiffle ball players out there on 8/25 there will be a tournament at Yale Field in New Haven you can check it out here.

A Top 10 Video Tribute to Heather Graham Being a Sexy Ungood Actress

The Top 25 Most Painful MXC Eliminations - all in one compilation

Play Anit Pac-Man, where you control the ghosts!!

William shatner on Conan

This is a good one, check out what this chick does to the passed out guy!! NSFW

Chris Rock classic-the salad tossing skit!!

Guy scares the crap out of his wife, I bet he doesn't get laid anytime soon!!

Play torture chamber, don't get crushed by the metal spikes!!

I will leave you all with a great new porn site-You Porn!! NSFW

See you next time!!
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