Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Weekend Update

I went to go see this show last Tuesday at the casino and it was kick ass!!! I haven't gone to a hardrock show like that in years, both bands were spot on and the new singer for AIC William DuVall sounded great. I would highly recommend seeing this show if it is coming to your town!! Velvet revolver lead by Scott Wyland and Slash came out like a ball of fire and they didn't let up until the end. They even threw in some GnR tunes as well as some STP tunes so, if you have the chance go check it out.

With that said let's go....

Let us start with some videos from the bands I went to see-

Here is some Velvet Revolver

Sucker Train Blues(Live)

She builds quick machines


Here is some Alice in Chains

Angry Chair


Down in a hole(unplugged)

I give you Ron's Slip n Slide extravaganza-AKA the best slip n slide ever!!!

This guy spins on his head-93 times!! Amazing!!

Family guy clip-from Peter TV "Douchebags"

Christopher Walken on SNL, he really is a great host-The Centaur interview!!

This is crazy-The ten most physically modified human beings???WTF!!

If you think The Village people singing YMCA is gay, check out the Finnish version!!

The 50 greatest sex scenes in cinema (with video evidence of course!) NSFW

Sandwiches gone wild!!

Play Phit, kinda like Tetris and very addicting!!

Play a little Bowling Alley Defense!!

Stop the ferry and evacuate, there is a bong on board!!

A man was caught peeping on women tied to a tree in a campground??WTF!!

As always let us finish with some pron!!!NSFW

Nadia Nicole

Patrycja Mikula

The Amazing Heather Brooke!!!

Here is another goodie, have you heard of Wifey???

Hope you all have a great week, see ya next time!!
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