Friday, September 14, 2007

Dont be An asshole

If I had an Asshole(s) of the week award it would go to the Rutgers Football fans for the stunt they pulled last friday night. These assholes were chatting things like "Fuck You Navy" & " Lets Go Iraq " during the game as well as cheering when a Navy player got hurt .

How quickly Rutgers fans have forgotten the days when they were the laughing stock of big time college football. Now that they’ve actually strung together a couple of decent seasons, the fans feel they can be abusive to their opponents like they used to be abused .

Their shitty actions toward the midshipmen of Navy not only shows their ignorance as fans but their stupidity when it comes to who the Navy personnel really are – the guys and gals who are serving their country and not being served at a bar in New Brunswick. I find it amazing that some would verbally abuse those who have chosen to step up and take the risks that come in defending our country in a time of war regardless of whether or not we agree with that war

I am all for free speech but as I said in the past free speech doesn't give you the right to be heard. Rutgers football may be the next neat new thing on the college football landscape but their fans are stuck in the dark ages when it comes to showing respect for your opponent. These Fucking New Jersey Knuckle Draggers are pathetic and should be ashamed of themselves . If I was a general at the game I would have called in an Air Strike to nuke the whole Rutgers cheering section and had a good laugh afterwards .

Discuss .

Here we go .....

What's worse than getting caught Masturbating ? Getting caught Masturbating at work and being taped !~

Reader Warren sent me this in email - Money Tips Guaranteed to rock your world .

I sure hope Al Sharpton has the makers of this game on his show to discuss the racism behind this game .

In case you missed it last night

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