Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hoot's Thursday Things

Woo hoo the 2007 NFL Season kicks off tonight.

If your not ready for some football watch this and get pumped up.
Just remember.
Be the hammer not the nail!!!

This is pretty cool. A virtual tour of all the NFL Stadiums on Google Earth.

This one is good too. A photographic tour of all 32 NFL Stadiums.

And for those football fans out there who are not into the fantasy leagues but still like to have some fun go into the discussion forums and get in on the pick em forum. One of our members Laz has set this up the past few seasons. It is real simple. Pick the winner of each game, no point spreads or anything. There is no prize at the end of the season but all the bragging rights in the forums you want.

I will make it easy for everyone and put the linky here: Football Pick Em

Onto some other shit!

Hmmm maybe Stephen King should be investigated after you read this. Truth stranger than fiction as author jailed.

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Suspect: Patrick Hamman, 22
Victim: His Father
Charge: Domestic Assault
Assault Weapon: Bag of Cheetos!!!

Crane demolishes building and takes itself down at same time.

This kid has it rough. He just turned one, has had chemotherapy treatments, has been hit by a car while in his stroller and his name is Michael Meyers. Ummm maybe mom should try a name change.

The following is for entertainment purposes only. The staff of and the TDC site itself can not be held liable for any actions you take using the information hereafter. Not a lawyer here but sounds good. lol

Unlock your vehicle with a tennis ball!

I am psyched for Sunday. I am going to the season opener of Patriots at Jets with our weekend guy Daveyboy and a few others. Should be a lot of fun. I will probably be rooting for the Pats only cause I have them in my pick em pool.

As for this football season I say lets go Cowboys!!!

That is all this round. See everyone next week same bat time same bat channel.

Peace. Hoot23
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