Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's Games Galore time !!!

That's right people , It's time for another installment of GAMES GALORE . Let's get right into it .....

Sea of Fire - A little bit of strategy and a lot like the game Defend Your Castle. This game has a ton of cool strategies and upgrades definetly worth checking out.

Lace up your funny shoes , It's Kingpin bowling .

Cubilus - Get your blocks to the correct corresponding spot on the board

This is a very well done addicting game. The object is to click the screen at just the right time to hit oncoming walls of ice.

Think you know your Sports Trivia do you? Your chance to find out for sure...

Try and guess what Homer says next ? ( I got 700 out of 1000 )

The Impossible Quiz 2 - Even more impossible that the first one .

JUGGLING PUPPIES - Help one-armed Juan keep his little puppies in the air, but ooh... mind the chainsaw!!

Ball Revamped 5 - This one should ruin your whole workday today .

Jungle Crash - Clear the jungle floor with your limited supply of bombs so you can safely land your plane.

Flight of the Hamsters - Launch your hamsters in the air and use your limited glide power to keep yourself afloat as long as possible. We've seen this game before in a few different forms.

3D GOLF - 9 HOLE - One of your favourites from a few months back - now with added personal stats AND a scoreboard!

Valo - The point of this game, basically, is to touch all the squares except for red, and get the blue ones last. Read the tutorial for more information. The early levels are fairly easy, so use randomize for a bigger challenge.

The Prison Inmate - Why should the guys in prison have all the fun? Now that there's a web-based prison simulator, you too can get high, join a gang, and fuck male bitches! (Requires signup.)

HELI ATTACK 3 - Use more than 30 weapons to destroy enemies and progress through snow, jungle, desert and lab levels!

Tone Deaf - How strong are your musical skills? Keep in mind, this test is intentionally very difficult, and even talented musicians rarely score above 80%.

Tank Ball - Shoot other players in real time with your "tank balls".

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