Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday , Monday

Ohh O.J , How fucking stupid can 1 person be in thier lifetime ??

You got off a double murder charge after obviously killing 2 innocent people based on the fact you were black , then you go and commit armed robbery ? If I got off of a double murder charge , I would move to Brazil and live with prostitutes the rest of my life . I definatley not be robbing anyone of , of all things, sports memoribilia . You know as well as I do that the justice system is going to throw him in jail and lock away the key on him due to the fact that he got one over on them already and they arent letting that happen again .

What an ASS !

Here we go .....

(The first couple links are readers submissions)

These links are from Tom Green :

Unfortunatley none of his links worked ? People , check your links before you send them to me !!

This one's from Warren

A Collection Of Fans Crying Over Famous Stars They Love Or Regard With Distaste

Ok , the rest are mine :

These guys have invented a new sport called kicking footballs into moving cars. The rules are pretty self explanatory

Play Peg Solitare - It gets pretty hard in , ohh level 3 !!!

The 2007 "Six Man" Volleyball Tourney Photo Essay

Seth Green Says Leave Chris Crocker Alone!

2 words ....JACKED UP !

The Marijuana Producers and Distributors of California Ask: Let Us Pay Taxes!

Have a quarter of a million dollars? You can have sex with Pam Anderson.

Harlem gets the 13 gigapixel treatment.

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