Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The other side

I do alot of ranting and raving around here about certain things that irritate me from time to time and recently my last couple good rants has been about the NAACP & the hypocrisy they exhibit every time they open their mouths . Well sometimes these rants get the goats of people and those people have the right to express their like or dislike of them by either sending me an email or the forums , It's what this site is all about .

Dennis Jones is one of these people . Dennis is a longtime reader who happens to be African American and has emailed me on several occasions about things I have said on the front page, sometimes he agrees and sometimes he doesn't. He isn't one of these people who take one side no matter what the facts are and actually is pretty even keel . He emailed me a story yesterday and said "Write about this" and sent me the link . So I read the story and said to myself , this is a story that needs to be told and you can bet your ass that if it was the other way around I without further adu , the rant begins . ( This is for Dennis )

Take a good look at The Faces of Evil . These 6 hillbilly scum should be burned at the stake for their crime and I would like to light the match . In this day and age you would figure this sort of thing would never ever happen and then comes these people who bring us back as a society 1,000,000 miles .

A black West Virginia woman was sexually assaulted, stabbed, and tortured while being held captive by her white abductors, one of whom told her, "That's what we do to niggers around here." The 23-year-old victim was freed Saturday after cops responded to the home of Frankie Brewster for a "welfare check on a female that was reportedly being held against her will."

I, As a white male , am disgusted by my race today because of these 6 people . I know they are a small minority and don't represent 99.99% of the white population but still it makes you see the other side of all the racism today .

OK , that's done .....

What do you see when you drive near a bomb in Iraq ...THIS .

You Jets fans will love this and you Pats fans will hate this

3 famous notes in broadcasting history - The NBC Chimes .

This is an instructable on how to make your own Han Solo in Carbonite chocolate bar! But using these basic instructions you can make ANY kind of chocolate bar or mold!

Pamela Anderson's Bikini Pictures In Malibu Beach . Quite a good look at her buns, if you're into Pammy

Ohh by the way , Today is Talk like a Pirate day .

Martin Prado grounds out in the 9th inning and flips his bat away..... Watch the bat.

Just how crammed is Bangkok? These shopkeepers are more than happy to set their goods up on railways, making room for trains just before they roll through.

13 Signs That MTV Hates You

Legendary singer Barry Manilow has canceled a scheduled appearance on The View, because he dislikes co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

No less than 300 photos in this gallery of nothing but pure ass photos. Round butts, bubble butts and everything derrier related. ( NSFW )

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