Sunday, September 2, 2007

The out of the ordinary weekend post

Since it looks like Dave is going to shit the bed this weekend I figured I would throw something together last minute to keep you guys busy until Tuesday morning .

Here we go .....

Teenage male prostitutes and transvestites in Thailand battle with clubs, knives and Molotov cocktails in three-day "gay war."

A Series of Letters the First Girl I Ever Fingered

Elijah Wood is definatley on some serious drugs .

Connecticut man building 17,000 square foot home. With a 33,500 square foot basement complex

Many years ago, some smart guy took a clothes pin, made some adjustments to it, and voila! The Chip Clip was born and he probably made a nice chunk of change off of it. But today we can safely say " FUCK OFF MR CHIP CLIP GUY "

Man refuses to support "Satan's banking system," so he prints his own money

A 13 year old (the age is wrong in the article) with amazing football skills for his age. If this kid doesn't get an injury down the line (or get busted for snorting crushed Pez or running an illegal hamster fighting ring), someone's got a number one draft pick written all over them.

Forced to call 9-1-1, Miss South Carolina reacts with her trademark composure.

Ohh and Jimmy Kimmel uses a chalkboard to breakdown Miss Teen South Carolina's complete verbal atrocity, which is inexplicably worse written out.

Pencils made in China recalled due to high lead levels..ummmm what ?

He's only 17 years old, but he has cracked a major puzzle. CNN interviews George Hotz, the kid who figured out a way for iPhone users to choose their own service provider instead of being bound to AT&T

Angry Italians to go on national pasta strike

Remember back in the day when you used to play quarters , Well thank god I didnt play with this guy because he perfected The Ultimate Quarter Toss: 10 quarters, 10 shot glasses, 1 toss.

( NSFW ) Three secretaries take on their boss's member - and win

See Ya .
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