Friday, September 7, 2007

Relax, It's friday

This is what you do , Sit back at your desk and turn the volume up just a tiny bit and listen to this song . Even though you may not like Opera, If you can listen to this and not get goosebumps then you must be dead.

Pavarotti sings "nessun dorma"

Double Murder Possibly Caught on Tape in Russia..fake or not ?

Two ridiculously young kids beat the fuck out of each other!These parents should be castrated .( banners NSFW )

Deadly New Weapon In Iraq Armor-piercing hand grenades have become a favorite al Qeueda weapon in Iraq. There's virtually no defense against them.

MeanCarlene will love this one , I laughed for about an hour .

A neti pot is supposed to help balance your energy or something, but mostly it shoots liquid up in your nasal passages and sucks. It sucks like hell. If anyone tells you to use one, don't. (One big F-bomb at the to see why.)

The Office Season 3 Blooper Reel (straight from yesterday's DVD release)

How to Shuffle Poker Chips Like a Pro

Bam Margera’s Wife Missy Nude( NSFW )

A man is arrested at a Circuit City after refusing to show the security person his purchase.

A personal nude photo of High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens hit the net last week and was posted on sites like egotastic. Now it is being reported the photo is real.( NSFW )

I was pottering along the other day and following my sat-nav when it decided to direct me up a lane which was deemed "Not Suitable for Motor Vehicles" according to the road sign at its entrance. Thinking this may spruce up an otherwise uneventful journey, I took this to be a challenge...

A very well made point and click puzzle game called "Gateway" - work out the solution to escape out of each room.

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