Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Set Straight

My buddy Phil had a problem with my Pavarotti post the other day and is going to set me straight on which song is the best one to give you chills ....or something . He's going to bring his Ipod and set me straight on the whole opera thing once and for all . I cant wait for 7pm tonight .

Here we go ...

Add your own comments about Pampita - Hottest Girl in Argentina at Listbums .

Britney vs. Bin Laden: A Celebrity Comeback Battle

Hey SI! Here are the Top 10 Replacements for Jenn Sterger

Madonna and hubby Guy Richie were seen leaving a London hotel with a clear plastic bag containing a purple strap-on called the Purple Penetrator.

Check the first 5 minutes of the new movie " Mr Woodcock " , It comes out soon .

Kanye West VMA Backstage Meltdown - After getting shut out of all five nominations for the second year in a row Kanye West throws a hissy fit tirade backstage at the VMAs this year and swears he will never do anything for MTV again.

Will Farrell, Chris Parnell and Tobey Maguire play airline pilots in this Saturday Night Live skit. ( BTW , our little site here made it big because we are a top referrer on this big boy of a site ...look to the bottom right of the page )

Time-lapse of the Queen Mary entering San Francisco, February 4, 2007

5000 Web Apps in 333 Seconds

Sarah Porchetta - looks like someone needs a good spanking ( NSFW )
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