Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Weekend Update!!

First I would like to apologize to all the loyal weekend readers for my lack of performance last weekend. I hit the sauce quite hard on both Friday and Saturday night and was in no condition to do a column. I am back this week so let's have some fun!!

J-E-T-S, Jets,Jets,Jets!!! Yes football is here and I am a season ticket holder for the Jets and I am looking forward to Sundays game where we send all the Pats fans a message!!

This picture is from Yankee stadium on labor day. We bought some $5.00 tickets up in the tier reserved section out in left field and we went down to the main level in the 5th inning looking for better seats. Well it was pretty packed so we started to head up to the top again when a guy hands my brother 2 championship field box seats three rows off the field just past the Mariners dugout as he was leaving the stadium. We immediately went right down there and enjoyed the rest of the game right next to Arod!! It was a great day!!

Let's get down to business!!

Band alert-Queens of the stone age will be playing Lupos Heartbreak Hotel on Tuesday October 8, look for Hottie and Myself to be there, this will be a great show. Visit their website here

Here are a couple vids in case you don't know them

No one Knows

Burn the Witch

The truth about America by George Carlin!!

Here os some Classic Tom Green

How to behave after sex!!

Blind 12 YO plays Jimi Hendrix Little Wing on guitar

Check out the trailer for this wedding video!!

What do you get when you put hurdles on giant treadmills? Japanese television of course!!!

Here is every one of the Man Shows pornstars household hints ever aired!!!

Play Fancy Pants

Play Ren and Stimpy's crazy cannon!! so far my best is 805!

Seventh grader holds classmates hostage with 2 steak knives!!

If you need some weed, my roomate has some for sale!!! Find out how these 2 idiots get busted!!

Let us finish with a little pron!!NSFW

This chick takes it like a true champion!!

These are 2 good girls!!

Here are some Hannah Hilton galleries!!

Have a great weekend and I will see you next time!!
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