Saturday, September 15, 2007

The weekend update

Last night is what baseball and the rivalry between the Yankees and the Redsox is all about!! These two teams play each other so hard every time out and they battle right down to the final out. The way the Yankees cam back last night was amazing, just when you thought they were dead they come up with 6 big runs in the 8th inning to take the lead and eventually go on to win!! Man I love this time of year!!

The other great game going on last night was Branford High school football. My son who just turned 16 and is a Sophomore this year is starting Varsity in Branford. He is playing Offensive Gaurd so he is right there in the trenches mauling people, it is awesome!! Well last night was their first game under the lights and they took the lead over Sheehan in the second half on a TD and 2 point conversion to go up 14-6. Sheehan gets the ball back with under a minute to play and in the final seconds throws up a hail mary which is caught for a touchdown . They then complete the 2 point conversion to end the game in a tie!! Heartbreaking end to the game, but at least they didn't lose, we will get them next week!!

Let's have a little fun!!

You got my money?? a true classic from Family guy!!

Here are the top ten Angry Video Game Nerd moments from 2006!!

Seth Green says leave Chris Crocker alone!!! (FYI Chris Cocker is the brittney freak)

Here is Chris Crocker on Jimmy Kimmell, real funny!!

Amazing Shadow Puppets!!

Why is Pluto so angry here???

FYI-The world record attempt to do a Backflip on a pitbike has failed!!

These people are nuts!!!

Robin Williams-State of the Earth!!

This is crazy-Check out this guy who attempts to jump from building to building like they do in the movies!!

A fantastic compilation of gruesome bycycle wrecks!!

Play Battle Garden-An excellent first person shooter game. Jambo you should enjoy this one!!

The stupid quiz JR High edition!!

Where the hell is Craig Hansen when you need him???

Do you think this guy is pleased that he saved $5.00 for a ticket to the fair??

Let us finish with a little pron!! NSFW

Lucy Becker!!

Katie Fey!!

This one does nice work!!

Have an excellent weekend I will catch you next time!!
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