Saturday, February 28, 2009

TDC Weekend at Willies Hijack 1

Welcome to the Mighty TDC.

This here site will now be hijacked for the weekend.

While you will remain physically safe, you may want to write down some important phone numbers for others to use, and place this piece of paper near your body. These should be the phone numbers of your local mental health professionals, organizations and institutions.

Let's work together on the outset to make this easy for those who discover you on Monday morning, so we can get you get back to your previous state of insanity.

You see, you have now entered into TDC's "Weekend At Willies, Hijack V.1"

God help you. Here's a tune while you prepare for your TDC fix.

I've written you a true story. With only two grammatical errors. See if you can find them. Bet you can't. Show us your skill in the TDC forum, smarty pants.

Right click on the image below and open it in a new tab while you hear the above tune. Read my story while this song plays. Added value.

This was the first installment in a series written especially for the The Daily Column. It is your own fault for looking at that nawsty mental traffic accident.

Since you have survived this frontal-lobe attack on your mental well being, perhaps you have found yourself in need of some mental food? Here you go. Munch well.

99 things to surf, some links you haven't seen yet, if you are light on the surfing ability thingy.

In order to facilitate mental recovery, you may need to practice things that are hard to do, but rewarding in some way.

Maybe you should blame everything that has ever happened to you on your family and their influence on you, instead of actually taking control of your circumstances. Here's a helpful letter writing device to tell your family how you feel about them.

While you are recovering, maybe you will find that you have time to read a novel. Here are some interesting new inventions for such a device that is called a "book." Remember, books are your friends. They use no energy, so they are eco-friendly. They never get spam or viruses, and they make excellent heating fuel to keep you warm during these hard economic times.

Once recovered, you may wish to spy on people, and see how they live their lives, compared to how you go about it. If that is what it takes to make you feel better about your own condition, then you deserve whatever you get.

Just remember to be nice to others when you are in the TDC forums. Or else the willies will do this to you.

For instance, here are some pics of automobiles driven by some folks who once came to visit TDC during a weekend night without calling first. One of these automobiles has tree trunks growing up through the fenders... You see, no one ever leaves this party. Ever.

Well, then.

You've visited the Mighty TDC for this long, so here are some antidotes for you; in order that your friend willies may keep you alive a bit longer, in order to let him have his way with you. Like a cat to a mouse.

Some odd things.

Something from Tucky, elder statesman of the TDC forums, but here we shall call him "Eyegore."

Here is something that Eyegore has dug up for you.

Girls pimping girls.

Eyegore, you vetty vetty nawsty thing!

I kid. His link is safe for work.

Onward, which is downward for you, to the lab...

Dance like Bill Crosby (thank you zaza)

A book of Numbers. Makes no sense to me, and I am a scientist, in my other life... Maybe it will make sense to you.

Good ideas, fun ideas, all creative.

Rap translated, finally. Thank goodness..

Quotes. Many, many quotes. Let's start with the answer 42.

Crazy facts.

Funny ad for eHarmony, with Kim "illest" Jong.

A short movie: One of the detectives who came by TDC during a weekend had his hands full. But he was full of something else: the willies.

Now for me. Robots.

I like robots, but perhaps not this much. Tats of bots? :(

Thanks for tuning in. On Monday, our mighty TDC Mawstaw Richie will have some more cool things to click on, but most of all, he always gives a good rant, or a personal story that may make you laugh and cry at the same time, and he does this all week long. But let's not forget Hoot, who always inserts his mighty column, "Hoot's Thursday Things," on, you guessed it, Thursday.

We work here for you, so that you can have a good time whenever you have some of that valuable "free time."

When you're not looking for a new job or new cardboard carton to live in, that is.

Maybe a nice little ditty will ease your mind. Exit song.
Charge you up with more from your TDC bud willies.

God help you.

---willies out
Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!