Sunday, January 30, 2011

Brawl in the ball pit

As you can see I changed up the format a little on the site . I thought the old one was a little stale and we needed a little change for a while enjoy .

Remember last week I wrote about how the black community cant seem to get along when they are all together in one spot ? Case in point , A birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's ....Thats right Chuck E Cheeses ...WOW ?

I think 2:05 pretty much summed up this fight for me: “Where my baby at?“ Like I counted I think 8 separate children ranging from toddler to 10 years old making cameos in this brawl. Some were crawling, some were spider dribbling basketballs. I mean you had that one bitch throwing haymakers while her kid was literally attached to her chest in a Baby Bjorn. Which on the one hand seems kind of ingenious? Like nobody is going to swing back at you when you got a little baby on your chest right? But then on the other hand judging by the amount of parental instincts going on here I honestly don’t think it would have been a deterrent. Just a good old fashioned no holds barred all-ages-go babies-get-knocked-the-fuck-out brawl at the Chuck E. Cheese.

Unreal !!

Here we go .......

The Winners of Sundance -"Sundance, that Hollywood-themed ski trip rich people take in Park City, Utah every year, is done. Here are some of films that won stuff, including a documentary about assisted-suicide, and a sci-fi flick."

Man has been stabbed with knife, robbed at gunpoint, locked in taxi boot, and bitten by two snakes at same time - now struck by lightning while on the phone

A Chinese man has become an internet sensation after he was photographed driving while receiving IV treatment.

This was submitted by a reader , I think he produced it himself . Check it out :

100 Unfortunate Ad Placements

Most Controversial Super Bowl Ads (and some that got cut at camp)

Once again, theCHIVE invited our favorite food host, Melissa, from Feast On This over to our offices to cook up a 10 lb BLT. She did not disappoint and even used the bacon grease to create a bacon candle.

7 Abandonded breweries " open " for exploration , It's sad because they're not making beer anymore.

- A tribute to drunk people everywhere. These people. These are my people.

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