Monday, January 10, 2011

Fake ?? Real ??

Ok ....Real or Fake ??

This has to be 1000% fake, right? I wouldn’t have even questioned that, but a hot girl today told me she thinks its real. And I have a tendency to think whatever attractive girls tell me to.

But seriously , What do you think ??

Here we go .........

9 awesome places to have sex ( and horrific consequences )

Will Arnett and the Late Night Crew Perform The Pro Bowl Shuffle

Man's best friend is also his 27th millionth cousin: Our Links to the Animals

Without a doubt, two of the worst fighters ever.

The Collosal Cleavage Collection - The Adult Entertainment Expo Edition , Porn stars have to put their clothes on sometimes, too, you know.

The Complete History of the Batmobile - An epic infographic featuring details, dates and plenty of other pertinent information about every single incarnation of the Batmobile ever drawn or built.

The 50 bustiest girls on facebook
......wait , do I need anymore friends cause ill make room ??

Carrot Tops " Chairman of the board " is a masterpiece , If the reviews on its Amazon page are to be believed.

Music Break for Monday ..........

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