Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hoot's Thursday Things

There are thousands of logos, some of them are great, some really great and some of those have a “hidden” meaning in them that you might have missed. You won't look at these logos the same way you used to ever again.

Motor Vehicle Pinball in Pittsburgh

Lazy Teenage Superheroes

Who Shot The Lost Photos of The New York Blizzard?

Haha there ae some great name s here. 13 of The Worst Names for a Hotel

I don't think this will be the only time we hear about this kid. George Watsky Raps Incredibly Fast (The One)

Finally! Canned Whisky

Derogatory Names for Guys

Rear view of flying arrow

My girlfriends 13 year old son played this song for me last weekend. As a Dallas Cowboys fan I hate the Steelers very much but I do have to say this song is kind of catchy. So for any Steelers fans out there here is a song for you as you play for the AFC title Sunday.

Forum member Boogietrunks posted this on his Facebook page.
This is very funny. Wrong but makes you laugh!!!
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New Dr. Dre on the way!

That is all. Peace. Hoot23
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