Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hoot's Thursday Things

Too funny!!! I ain't taking that shitty dog home with me!

How to be Drunk

Mexican drug smugglers catapult weed over border fence into US

This is just amazing! Meet This Amazing Indonesian Underwater Hunter

Mysterious Sculpture Appeared Overnight on Woman's Front Yard

This is nuts! Darwin, You Let Me Down Again: Idiot Moron Films Himself Getting Run Over By A Train

Odd ritual. Only one day each year, the Dogon people of Mali are permitted to fish the sacred water of Lake Antogo. The resulting havoc resembles a West African Altamount, or maybe a particularly brutal Black Friday rush.

Fountain Lady Gets a Remix That Doubles as a PSA

WTF? Animated GIF of the Day: The Dry Hump Heard Round The World

The United States of Shame, What Each State Is Worst At

See ya. Peace. Hoot23
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