Friday, January 14, 2011

I LOVE technology

I dont know how anyone goes without power ..I would die if the power went out , SERIOUSLY !!

If this recent storm knocked out my power like it did to so many people I would cry like a bitch till it came back on . Imagine having no power Or heat. No phones, no lights… not a single luxury. And here is what I’ve learned thinking about going without power :

1. A life without electricity is not worth living. Any nitwit who read Thoreau or Emerson in college or chick who grew up watching “Little House on the Prairie” and has some romantic vision of a simpler time without all the trappings of modern life yada yada, is out of their cotton picking mind. Sure, I like going camping once in a while, replacing the kids’ electronics with a campfire and spending time together. But if I had to live like that? Not a chance. When the Zombie Apocalypse happens, there’ll be no making a stand for me. I’ll hang in there with ammo and canned goods right up intil the power shuts off. Then I’m eating a bullet.

2. I can’t go 24 hours without the internet. I can survive maybe a day, a day and a half, without TV. I could easily go the rest of my life without video games. Or without talking on the phone. But if I can’t check the news every ten minutes or write blogs, I rapidly descend into madness. Especially in a week leading up to a Patriots-Jets playoff game where half the Jets players have been saying stupid crap? It was more than I can bear. Not mention the lack of cyber porn. It’s no way to live.

3. National Grid sucks. If 20 years of the Simpsons has taught me anything, they’re a monopoly run by an evil, bloodless despot who’d block out the sun if it would help him charge me more for electricity.

4. A family needs their space. Remember that “Modern Family” where the hot blonde MILF wanted the whole family to turn off their electronics and spend more time with each other? That’s great. To a point. I adore my family and cherish every precious moment etc, etc. But there’s only so much time you can spend listening kids argue whether the spinner pointed to “2″ or “Lose a Turn” or hear your Sweet Irish Rose worry about whether she should replace every battery in every flashlight (note: we have about 20 flashlights) before you wish the kids could go back to playing Black Ops and you and the Mrs. could just be laughing at the freakshows on “Hoarders” again.

5. I am NOT converting to Amish. - Nuts !

Here we go ......

Topless Dancers Busted Shoveling Snow in Times Square

This is great . A high school did this whole thing in one shot which is pretty incredible ..check it out :

Mark Twain wrote that "the difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter." A new edition of "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "Tom Sawyer" will try to find out if that holds true by replacing the N-word with "slave" in an effort not to offend readers.

Do your friends complain that you can’t pull your eyes away from your iPhone? Well, if you get the new XWave by PLX Devices, then you might have trouble pulling your brain away, too.

The infamous "black box" used in airlines, prior to when they went solid state. There's a little bit of nerdy goodness in here.

Thats one way to get him down :

The 10 most disgusting food in the world , Your mom's vagina is conspicuously absent from this list.

Lindsay Lohan poses for Maxim India
- It's a good thing she can't get any real work causing her to continues taking lots of half-naked photos for every magazine that will have her.

Just a gallery of great asses .....that is all .

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