Thursday, January 20, 2011

Only in America ?!?@?#

I almost threw my computer out the window after hearing about this . Remember the viral video last week of the lady texting and falling into the fountain ? Well apparently this lady is going to sue the mall for not helping her ? ...UMMMM WHAT ???

To quote Don King…Only in America! I mean this takes some serious fucking balls huh? To go on National television and start bitching and moaning that security didn’t rescue you from falling into a water fountain. I honestly don’t even know what to say about this? Like you want to sue somebody lady? Sue yourself for being a dickhead. You may win that one. But other than that shut your trap. You didn’t get hurt and nobody would know who you were if you didn’t come forward and make a stink about it. You made an ass out of yourself. Deal with it.

PS – When I first heard about this story I would have bet my ass she was suing the mall for sticking a water fountain in the middle of it. That’s how fucked up people are nowadays. Nothing is too impossible to believe.

Here's the news story :

How mad are you right now ???....Go with it !!

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Winning the Netflix Prize

Very interesting article. Netflix offered a million dollar prize to any computer/statistics whiz who could produce a 10% improvment on its "you'll like this if you like that" algorithm. This 2008 article analyzed the successes and limitations of the various approaches which have been taken.

The biggest problem identified in the article is one single movie: Napoleon Dynamite. Nobody can predict whether you will like it. Users tend to score it either one star or five (out of five), and it is impossible to say which, even if you know everything else about a person's tastes in film.

"Amazingly, Bertoni has deduced that this single movie is causing 15 percent of his remaining error rate; or to put it another way, if Bertoni could anticipate whether you’d like 'Napoleon Dynamite' as accurately as he can for other movies, this feat alone would bring him 15 percent of the way to winning the $1 million prize."

From the article: "When Bertoni showed me a list of his 25 most-difficult-to-predict movies, I noticed they were all similar in some way to 'Napoleon Dynamite' — culturally or politically polarizing and hard to classify, including 'I Heart Huckabees,' 'Lost in Translation,' 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' 'The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou,' 'Kill Bill: Volume 1' and 'Sideways.'"

My guess would be that knowledge of other film preferences is not enough. A perfect example is Sideways. I know people whose taste is very similar to mine on just about every movie but that one. The difference between us? They love wine. That movie articulates their feelings about why that is true. Me? I don't drink any alcohol at all, and have no interest in the product or the romance surrounding it. Unless you know that, you'd never guess that I would find the sentiments and jokes in that film utterly baffling. Not only do I find that movie totally boring, but I can't even imagine why other people would like it, even though I frequently give strong recommendations to films I dislike personally. But there is no way you can know that from simply analyzing my taste in movies. You'd have to know that I have no interest of any kind in wine, and I don't think there is any way to deduce that from my movie preferences.

As for the inscrutable Napoleon Dynamite? I didn't like it the first time I watched it, then watched it again and started to relate to its humor. I watched it a third time, loved it, and started quoting it. I'm not sure a mathematical formula could predict that.

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