Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Ok , Someone has to explain the black community when it comes to them getting together in large gatherings ? Why cant you just get along and there NOT always be a fight or someone dead in the aftermath ..It just dont make any sense to me . Take this event for instance , It's called Smackfest and the black community does it every year . This is where they have 2 girls smack each other as hard as they can one at a time till someone gives up . Here's a video :

Now my question is why ...Why have something like this when you know it's gonna end bad and probably spark more fights since you know what happens when crowds gather . It happens all the time and no one seems to care or try to stop it . The Source awards , Every single rap concert there is , Even certain nightclubs are too out of control now .

If someone has an answer , fill me in ?

And no this isnt a racial hatred thing at all , It's a social thing so please save your racist remark for another day ....thanks .

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