Friday, January 28, 2011

Snowapalooza 2011

Im in a DEEP depression brought on by the over 4' of snow that is on the ground right now ...We had 2 fucking blizzards in 3 weeks and there is another one on the horizon . I would like to strangle anyone who says they love winter and all this shit that goes with it . I have no place to put anymore snow , my snow banks on each side of my driveway are over 7' high right now and are only gonna get bigger .

Can you tell im really bitchy about all of this ??

It is the worst winter in a long time and we got 2 more months of this shit left ...Unreal !!!!

Here we go ......

Our generation's Spudnik moment -"US President / Commander-in-Chief / National School Lunch Lady Barack Obama took to the airwaves to declare an all-out War on Tater Tots."

Charlie Sheen's Bender -- somebody delivered a briefcase full of cocaine

Cuties serving cleavage cocktails, sadly only 30 of them.

"Porn star Kacey Jordan ... took the picture in the headline at Sheen's house and then posted it on Twitter last night."

Genius scientists conclude: Male Viewers Find Sexy News Anchors Distracting

Piano (sand)bar mystery solved -The solution to the mystery involves a guy with a bagpipe, a rollicking New Year's Eve party and a teenager looking to make a splash on his college admissions. Oh, and flammable liquid."

Smugglers with medieval catapult nabbed at U.S. border ,We're gonna need a bigger wall

Kendra has another sex tape, and its with a girl this time

12 Impressive Sci-fi Weapons Available Today

That's it , Im too depressed to do anymore ...Here's some music :

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